Am I Too Young for Botox?

botoxA 15 to 20 min treatment with minimal downtime, BOTOX is an injection that will relax your facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all of these indications approved by the FDA.

The most common injection sites include the forehead or frown lines, the corner of the eyes or Crow’s feet, the area between the brows and many more, all depends on the areas you want to improve.

With 7 million injections performed last year and an influx of younger patients getting preventative treatments sooner than later, the big question is:

How soon is too soon???

The most appropriate age to start Botox/Neurotoxin injections will depend on the lifestyle, skin color, sun damage.

For example: if you smile and have expressive face and lines and the lines generally go away when you relax your face, maybe you want to continue using your skin care routine, serum, moisturizers and the best of all Sunblock!

I personally feel that when those lines start to show at rest maybe is the time to start thinking about asking for Botox.

Many facial lines have a genetic or hereditary component, but many factors play a game in the appearance of your skin. Sun damage, smoking, and dehydration are major factors that will predispose your skin to develop fine lines and wrinkles at an early age.

Always seek trained health providers, and remember that cheap Botox is never good and good Botox is never cheap!

Robert Velarde MD

Medical Director 

Serenity Med Spa and Wellness

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